Monday, 16 September 2013

Monday And Back From IDF13

What A Blast

As this is a Reloaded blog, I won't be writing a huge report on IDF 2013 except to say that it was a huge blast and I really enjoyed my time there. It's always the people you meet that make the event worthwhile, and a finer bunch of dudes they are too!

Some highlights are the introduction of a new super small chip called Quark which will usher in the era of wearable computers (something I predicted many moons ago).  Perceptual Computing continues it's relentless pace into a paradigm shifting future and it will be great to see what comes out of the imminent PerC competition. For the first time ever, IDF held a huge party for all developers and featured circus food and plenty drinks!  I tried to tweet some pictures but 3G costs a fortune for 'Brits in the States' and I used over £60 in less than three minutes when I accidently tethered to my Ultrabook.

Today's Progress

Aside from catching up on emails, paperwork and clearing some desk space, the main thrust for today was to implement the material sound system to suit the new modules. This allowed me to add footfalls, and a prototype splash sound effect around the water line.  The proto can also be used by our sound guy to fine tune the footfall sound effects that will be recreated for Reloaded.

My inbox still has some other items that need my attention, but alas my Internet connection is down (again), and in fact I am writing this in the browser cache in the hope the Internet magically comes back to life.

Signing Off

Of course, the internet would come back as soon as I wrote the above :) I am posting this now before it goes again!  Will be working on overall IDE integration this week so hopefully a screen shot or two to come in the next few days.  Alas I cannot take a screen shot of the new sounds ;)


  1. "Alas I cannot take a screen shot of the new sounds ;)"

    Surely Lee, you could come up with something? :)

    Awesome to hear you're back. No more distractions, eh? ;)

  2. "Alas I cannot take a screen shot of the new sounds ;)"

    Haha lol :D