Friday, 20 February 2015

Swan Song

It's been a hoot, but we have come to the end of this road. I hope you have enjoyed this blog over the last two years and that you gleamed insight into the daily trials of a games engine in development, and the coder responsible.  I would like to thank the thousand or so followers of my daily rant, and together we have clocked just shy of half a million views which is pretty cool.  FPS Creator Reloaded was a pretty apt name for what was meant to be a simple revision of the classic version, but as you saw over the many months of progress we ultimately re-wrote most of it.  As we developed, it became clear that a new more expansive name was required, and finding that name would be very difficult.

As it transpired, after a full day dedicated to brainstorming a new name, and buying the required sites and a certain level of due diligence, we decided on a name, and it only remained to convince the entire pledger community it was a good one.  When we announced, I was pleasantly surprised that almost everyone liked it, and more crucially, understood what it meant in terms of the product direction and vision.

As my final post on this blog I would like to introduce my new blog, which can be found on the newly christened GameGuru website at  The general understanding is that this blog will be a little more official, and using approved images rather than back-door programmer art, but perhaps this is all for the best. A more professional polished blog will certainly have it's advantages.

It only remains for me to once again thank everyone who read my posts, and I do hope you will join me over at the new site to start a new adventure, which tracks my journey into the world of Steam development and the high and lows associated with being part of the largest game distribution channel on the PC. This blog-spot page will remain for prosperity and a lasting monument to the formative years of Game Guru.

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Getting Better Every Day

Each day brings fewer and fewer new bugs added to the list, and once more I fixed ALL of my bugs but as at 5PM I only have one bug remaining, which is a crazy one which takes 15 minutes to reproduce, but for the rest of my tests I have gone through the whole software, ever button and menu item, every key press and feature, and it stood up very well.

Also played some more multi-player today and it's holding up too, with the ability to host and join with built-in content instantly, and for custom and store assets the workshop auto-subscribe system also works well, and you can get up and running with a new level with only an extra 20 seconds added to the process, so everything is looking good for some kind of release next week, and allows me to relax a little on Friday and hopefully spend most of the time testing and making small games :)

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Five Hours Later

After I walked the dog, I returned to the PC with every intention of making some food and watching a bit of Netflix, then I decided to see if I could get my task list down by one item, which was around 7PM, and now at 20 minutes to midnight I am perhaps half way through this 'one' task which just happens to be a text swap both in the IDE and the Editor to prepare what is called a Translation Kit.

I had not planned to do this before the Steam launch as it is quite pervasive to swap out lots of hard coded text for external file reference text, but it appeared in my Wrike list and would have prevented me from finishing my Steam release so I started it, and I think I can finish it by Thursday afternoon which will mean we can start the translation of GameGuru almost at the same time as the main release, and whether this was wise we will see.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Welcome to 1399

Ever seen such an ugly bunch of reprobates, well they are coming to a game maker near you, and they're bringing their weapons and bad breath with them in what is bound to be a medieval gathering to remember, so get ready to party until it's 1399!

Of course get too close and it turns from a wonderful fantasy adventure into a barbarian brawl, and it's gonna hurt!

In other news the day was spent putting our world to rights in our monthly strategy meeting, and it's good to report that we're on schedule for a successful launch of GameGuru on Steam.  We've all agreed the priority should remain on stability, performance and key functionality before launching into a gamut of new 'toys' but we will have resources to ensure a steady stream of new content in the form of DLCs and free assets added to the core product over time, so exciting times ahead and can't wait to play your crazy multi-player levels when we release in March!

Monday, 16 February 2015

And Then There Were Four

So I went from zero tasks up to something like twelve, and now I am back down to four, and a little more stability in the software for my trouble, so things are going well, with other cool stuff creeping in from time to time, including new thumbnails for our new as yet unannounced content:

Tomorrow is my monthly strategy meeting to decide some last minute things before the big reveal at the end of the month, at which time I will not even be in this country but in the States attending the GDC 2015 and dividing my time between talking about GameGuru and drinking Guinness (while talking about GameGuru).

As it's the last 'proper' week of tweaks before the week of 'testing', I am adding a third sentence to my blog today to show a screenshot of one of the sample multi-player levels, again created by a member of our kick-ass community of game makers!

Friday, 13 February 2015

Through The Mists Of Development

The second day, and with a few internal Steam keys out the door we're getting generally good responses, and a few tweaks we still need to solve before the main Steam launch, but we're knocking those tasks out the park and getting back down to a scatter of issues, with Ravey focusing on multi-player stability which is starting to take the strain of more than a few of us using it.

As more content comes online, it's great to start seeing the 'variety' of games that can be made with GameGuru now, and a glimpse of things to come. With the addition of creepy sounds and Zombies, the Asylum horror pack is starting to look like a real game which was of course always the intent, but it's nice to see it emerge slowly from the mists of development.

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Launch Day With A New Name

It's the day we've been working towards, looking forward to and also dreading, the day we announced our Steam launch of GameGuru, the new face of game creation and our new home for the next decade.  I could not sum it up better than the press released from Develop, linked here:

The ball is now in motion, and if there was ever a day one, this would be it. The world has been informed and it's now our responsibility to deliver on every single grand design we ever hinted at over the last two years. The current build which is being hammered, ready for Steam Early Access, is focusing on getting the basics very solid and the basics covered. The process is quite ruthless, but not much has been dropped and in fact we've added quite a lot of content in a short amount of time in terms of stock assets you'll get out the box.

By now all pledgers will have received the email containing details of the goodies you will be getting as an honored member of our pledge based development. You get the full Steam product for free, extra keys for your friends and family, plus if you are Silver or Gold, some great DLC vouchers which will allow you to get new model packs we will be releasing on Steam. One of our strategies is to commission content on a rolling basis so you will get new assets all the time, in addition to any assets created by third parties through the built-in store.

Not only have we added medieval buildings and scenery objects but also characters and weapons too, so you'll have a great place to start your own fantasy game (and if you want ye' old' rocket launchers in 7th century England, that's fine too).

Deciding on a name for our game creator was extremely difficult, if not impossible, and I am also pretty sure not everyone will like it. The simple reasoning behind it is that we have to move beyond FPS and the 'shooter only' constraints of the old title. Within the next few years we'll have expanded the product to include third person, driving, flying, deep diving, space adventures and everything in between. For this we need a brand name that is simple to remember that can over-arch all the genre's we plan to support, and speaking personally, I am a little sad to see the old name go, but our future is as much about Third Person and Adventures as it is about First Person and Shooting, and we're making a bold statement to the universe that this is what we want and we're going to do it.

Of course there is no rest for the weary, and I must dive right back into the code and continue the last of the tweaks before some seriously intense testing next week ready for the countdown to the actual Steam launch.  I hope the new pledger installer works for everyone, but don't worry if you get the occasional issue, chances are we've already fixed it for the Steam build, and rest assured our internal alpha team will be giving the Steam pre-build a blast before it goes live.

More than my usual two sentences, but no ordinary day you will agree. Might post a little more on Friday but for the next two weeks there will not be much more than 'tested the product today, it was better'. Standard stuff, but absolutely essential for a successful and trouble free launch. If anyone is attending GDC I will be there for all five days, on the GDC show floor for four of them and doing my fair share of Guinness tasting throughout. As always, you are welcome to track me down and join me for a few swifties, always a good time at GDC!  I will post my schedule and locations closer the time :)

And finally, as I cannot say it enough, a huge thanks to the entire community who have helped us get this far, and I hope you will join us on our continuing mission to explore strange new genre's, to seek out content and new model packs, to go boldly where no game maker has gone....before.


Welcome to FPS Creator Reloaded Version 1.01

Today we are releasing V1.01 of FPS Creator Reloaded. You will find this new build in the My Products section of The Game Creators website;

With this release we’d like to tell you our news!

Announcing GameGuru
With the technology developed to date we are launching a brand new game creation tool called GameGuru - an easy to use game maker that allows anyone to make, share and sell any kind of game on their PC. You can see it listed here in the Steam coming soon list;

Heading to Steam
From 2nd March we’ll be distributing GameGuru exclusively through Steam as an Early Access title. The main reasons for this are:
* The multiplayer code is built on the Steam networking system
* GameGuru will be much easier to manage through Steam – for example, the taking advantage of the Steam Workshop makes sharing and playing multiplayer levels much easier
* A single build means single focus, better for everyone
* We’ll widen our customer base which in turn will strengthen the community and allow us to bring you more features
* The Game Creators will be able to help you publish the best games made in GameGuru onto Steam

Thank You to our FPS Creator Reloaded pledgers!
Your support has helped us complete the project and we are very grateful for your backing.
On launch day we will be sending you all a set of Steam keys based on the pledge level you made:

* Gold: 5 GameGuru Steam Keys + 4 Model Pack DLCs due in 2015 (total value over $120)
* Silver: 4 GameGuru Steam Keys + 2 Model Pack DLCs due in 2015 (total value over $90)
* Bronze: 2 GameGuru Steam Keys + 1 Model Pack DLC (total value over $39)

You’ll be free to share your Steam keys with friends and family and then play against each other in your own multiplayer maps!

GameGuru is now our main game making project here at The Game Creators and we have lots of developments planned for 2015 and beyond - you will get lifetime updates for Free :-)

One Steam Price
Our aim is to make GameGuru a mass market product and as such it will have a price that appeals to the Steam community - $19.99. 
Plus GameGuru is royalty free so if you create the next Skyrim or COD the revenue you generate is all yours!
All the original FPS Creator Reloaded model packs will be merged into the main Steam product. This means anyone who buys GameGuru will receive:

* GameGuru
* Modern Day Model Pack
* Horror Model Pack
* Zombies Model Pack
* Vegetation Plus Pack
* The ability to save their single player games as standalone exes

We’re also working on some new fantasy and cartoon models that will be part of GameGuru. The benefit of adding all the media into the core means that users can make multiplayer levels and easily link up with friends and only have to send their map file before a multiplayer session begins.

Over the coming months and years we plan to add many new features so our community can effortlessly design the games of their dreams.

We hope you enjoy GameGuru and as always please keep sending us your feedback and suggestions.